Plan FAQ

Reimbursement Processing

We process requests daily and cut checks daily. Turn around time between request and reimbursement is 48-72 hours if an individual is enrolled in our direct deposit system. Requests can be made over the Internet, fax or by mail. This quick response time generally encourages higher participation within groups.

Operational Funding

FSA dollars are sent to TASC every payroll. TASC prefers the monies be sent via ACH Debit. There is no minimum balance required. TASC carries the negative balance for all uniform coverage dollars throughout the coarse of the plan year as well as the 90 day run-out period. TASC is not responsible for those employees that have over drafted their account and have terminated with a negative balance. The responsibility of those dollars is the clients and the accounts will be reconciled at the end of the run out period. All positive account balances will be forwarded to the client at the end of the run out period or a negative balance will be billed to the client.

Account Management

We provide the employer with an online PVR (Payroll Verification Reporting) system that allows them to overview and manage their account. This includes adding participants, terminating participants, transferring funds, checking balances and exposures and printing custom forms.

Audit Guarantee

We offer an audit guarantee to both the employer and employees that is unique in the industry.

Employee Access & Claims Processing

We provide to employees 24/7 access to account balance information and reimbursement processing. Employees may request reimbursement, check on claims status, check account balances, change address 24/7 online.

Filings and Reports

TASC provides all discrimination testing, plan documentation, 5500 filings as well as we oversee compliance issues with the IRS, DOL and HIPAA. This is typically done at no additional expense other than the per participant fee.

Non-Employer Sponsored Insurance Premiums

Through the Non-Employer Sponsored Insurance Premiums (106P) we allow employee’s to flex qualifying insurance premiums that they pay for out of their own personal accounts.


TASC provides employers with videotapes that can be used in enrollment meetings to educate employees in the use and purpose of Section 125 Plans. TASC also provides live employee and client services teams available at a toll free number from 9 AM to 5 PM to handle specific questions and problem resolution.

How do I Sign Up or get Further Information?

You can print off a copy of a plan application from the Application Link. For further information or for questions you can either email , call (888) 533-7928 or fill out the submission request form on the Contact Us page and you will be contacted by a TASC Provider at the time you requested.