Welcome to the NDESC FlexSystem Website

The Board Of Directors of the North Dakota Educators Service Cooperative are pleased to announce that we have maintained our relationship with a Section 125 provider for all of our members and have negotiated substantial savings for all.

The provider is Total Administrative Services Inc. (TASC) of Madison WI. TASC has been administering Section 125 accounts or FlexSystems since their inception. TASC provides several unique benefits to its clients and their employees. These include:

  1. TASC processes reimbursement requests and cuts checks daily.
  2. TASC does not charge the district for employees who overdraft their out-of-pocket medical cost but rather fronts the money for the district on the assumption that the funds will be attained through the normal withholding process.
  3. TASC provides Online and fax reimbursement request options.
  4. Employees have 24/7 ability to request reimbursement or to check accounts.
  5. TASC provides to both the employee and district an Audit Guarantee.
  6. TASC provides at no cost a direct deposit for claims reimbursement which results in reimbursements within a 48-72 hour time frame.
  7. TASC provides an online PVR (Payroll Verification Report) system which allows the district overview and manage their account.
  8. TASC provides HIPAA, DOL & IRS compliance assurance.
  9. TASC charges for only employees participating in the full Flex and provides the POP at no additional cost.

The Board has negotiated a fee of $3.50 per participating employee for this service with a one-time setup fee based on group size which is considerably lower than average fees. This fee is substantially lower than many of our members are currently paying.

TASC has assured us that they are also prepared to participate in employee meetings as well to educate employees in the advantage of participating in a FlexPlan should your district wish. They will also provide all school systems with instructional videos for employees who become benefit eligible during the course of the school year.

Over the last several years over 18 members took advantage of this opportunity and have reported their satisfaction and pleasure in working with TASC as their TPA.

We strongly urge you to consider this organization as your Section 125 provider.

Rodney Scherbenske
Board Chairman